Sunday, August 1, 2010

My little projects!

Hey all,

My postings have slowed down recently and while an eager reader could attribute this to sloth or lack of devotion to my blog (the shame!) I've actually been stalling so I could post some pictures of my projects at the work site. The majority of my work this summer has involved the addition to Ted and Sara's house, but I've also been lucky to design and lead the construction effort on some smaller projects around the kitchen.

The Arbor!

This is a project that Ironweed Kitchen has meant to complete for some time now. The arbor in this picture is the slatted extension of the roof. The rafters and slats are supported by two osage branches connected by a 2x8 beam. Over time the earthen wall in this picture has been battered by high wind and rain from the northwest, increasing the risk that the strawbale insulation will be exposed to moisture- a circumstance that MUST be avoided. The arbor shields the wall from heavy horizontal rain while the newly applied layer of cob plaster can withstand light rain for years.

Sandy and I constructed the arbor over the course of a week and she finished the project with some ornamental carvings on the edges of the cross-beam (see below.) In the past few days someone has hung a solar shower (basically, a bag with a hose) and a towel from the rafters, thus endowing Ironweed kitchen with a full bathroom!

The Hexagonal Table

It'd certainly be a shame to avoid eating outside during the summer. All Ironweed Kitchen needed was a place to do it! My final construction assignment at Dancing Rabbit was a picnic table for outdoor eating. Of course, no ordinary rectangular table would suffice, so I took the time to research and re-design a hexagonal table with built-in benches. Despite a couple small mistakes and "re-starts" (a gentle phrase Sandy uses to convey that I've completely messed up), I was able to complete the project using almost all scrap lumber from the house construction.

I finished the project at the end of the workday on Thursday, just in time to enjoy an outdoor Thai-style dinner courtesy of my buddy John. Although I didn't anticipate eating at the table until I water-proofed it, there was an overwhelming desire to escape the heat of the kitchen and enjoy dinner as the outdoor air cooled.

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