Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water, water everywhere - and too much of it polluted

Important blog post from Smart Growth America. In a few sentences: The Chesapeake Bay watershed has developed very quickly and its impervious surfaces have resulted in harmful storm water runoff. This article offers "green infrastructure" as a solution, but specifies that green infrastructure is green roofs and permeable pavement.

Fair enough. These aren't bad solutions, but solving the real problem involves solving the WHOLE problem including regulations that conserve remaining undeveloped lands and entire storm water systems that reduce runoff at the source. It requires offering better public transit and pedestrian options so municipalities build fewer parking lots, roads, and other paved surfaces to support automobile use. It requires better care of existing neighborhoods and diverse housing options so that existing residents stay in place instead of consume additional land on the urban fringe.

You should still check out the link:

Water, water everywhere - and too much of it polluted

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